Today I got a call at work on my cell phone.  A nice lady who lives across the street said that she had corralled Tilley (our Aussie) on the street in front of our house.  That was very nice of her, but there was a major problem with this picture: when I left for work an hour earlier, Tilley was locked inside of the house with the windows shut and wearing a cone.  

photo 1

Tilley was wearing a cone because she wore out her paws last weekend at a lake and couldn’t stop licking them.

It turns out that Tilley opened the closed-but-not-latched door to our office, climbed up on the desk, stood on her hind legs to rip the screen, climbed out and jumped about 5 feet down…all while in the cone.

photo 2

How did the dog above fit through this hole?!

Despite overcoming at least 4 levels of redundancy meant to keep her in the house, she didn’t venture far from the house.  I guess Tilley’s elaborate plans ended with her actually getting out of the house.  I’m really grateful to our neighbor who took time out of her walk to get Tilley back under control.  Now I guess we have to figure out how to replace this screen too – the sliding door screen was already busted by Houndini while we were at home.

I really do wonder what goes on in that dog brain.  Can you imagine driving by a house with a dog in a cone climbing out of a window?


2 thoughts on “Houndini

  1. Oh, Tilley! Not sure if I ever told you, but Dave’s parents dog once jumped through a closed glass window on the second floor to get out of the house. She was totally fine.

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