Pineapples – solved

Pineapples are delicious and really everyone likes them.  In fact, when asked “what type of fruit would you be?” the largest fraction of responders in my sorority(myself included) answered that they would be a pineapple.  Either we all wanted to be delicious and golden yellow, or we knew that we would be safe from an lazy kitchen chefs.  Probably explaining why this fruit is so tasty, cutting pineapples sucks!  Then this thingy came along:

This gadget is surprisingly awesome.  Until I sat down to write this, I wondered what about it fascinated me.

Let’s start with that it’s really humbling something so simple works so well.  However, I also note that this is not obvious.  And it has its own wikipedia page, no inventor credited.  It’s the perfect symbol for a successful engineering result: simple, non-obvious and works well.


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